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Tarot Psychic Medium Deborah Higgins

Welcome to my official website, to book readings with me or one of my appointed Psychic's please visit the online booking page. I am a natural Medium and come from a long line of Medium's in my family, most of my work now is online as my clients are spread far and wide all over the world, it was one of those clients that first introduced me to the idea of working this way, she was moving from the UK to America and still wanted me to read for her, I had no idea at the time that reading this way would actually work, but she persuaded me to try so... I did, and, discovered that I should have had more faith in Spirit! I think my reviews on my website here at Ghostantics speak for themselves, connecting with Spirit this way to read for you really does work... brilliantly! Please feel free to take a look around at my website, we welcome enquires and will always do what we can to help you. If you have visited me via my Facebook page then please remember on there to click to enable 'notifications' this way you won't miss any posts from me!

Love and blessings Debbie xxxx